Croeso i Dosbarth Carneddau

Welcome to Dosbarth Carneddau

Tymor 2019/20

Athrawes Dosbarth / Class Teacher – Miss Paige Tilbury

Cymhorthydd Dosbarth / Teaching assisstant – Mrs Andrea Seanor


Tymor 2018/19

Our Typical day consists of Literacy and Numeracy sessions before lunchtime, followed by topic, science and PE during the afternoons.

Autumn Term 2018 – Healthy Humans
This term we will be focusing on how the body works and how we keep our body healthy. We will be learning about all the different organs in the human body, how they work, how exercise benefits the body, mindfulness and lots more exciting projects!
During science sessions, we will be planning and taking part in an investigation, investigating what happens to our pulse rate during different types of excerise.

Boat project week – WC 15th October 2018

The whole school are taking part in an exciting new project as we have recently bought a boat! During this week, the children took part in lots of engaging activities such as a visit to the beach, design and life jacket and many more!


fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground