Croeso i Dosbarth Tryfan

Welcome to Dosbarth Tryfan

Athro Dosbarth / Class Teacher – Mr Ben Lindquist

Cymhorthydd Dosbarth / Teaching Assistant – Mrs Dani Jones

Tymor 2019/20


Spring Term 2020 – Mini Zoo

This Spring term we will be concentrating on our new topic of Mini Zoo. This will include an in depth look at animals in the wild and we will finish the term by looking at local farms and their animals. As a class we have planned lots of fun and exciting activities, along with some interesting trips and excursions to the local area. As always, if you have any interest or expertise in the above areas please drop in to see us!

Autumn Term 2019 – Dwr/Water

Our focus for the Autumn term was the topic of Water! We had a fantastic time planning lots of exciting lessons and scientific enquiry. We took part in activities such as creating water cycles, finding out which materials were the most absorbent or waterproof, and dissolving materials while creating hypothesis. Arfona from Dwr Cymru also came to visit us and conducted in class science experiments and did a whole school water survey. 

We have focussed on the work of Claude Monet this Autumn term and have recreated some of his famous paintings. We have also been out into the community to visit local churches and have used our Welsh language skills to buy and pay for various items. On Mondays we have been visiting the local woods and have learnt new skills and how to work together as a team. “Muddy Mondays” will continue into the Spring term!

We have also had a new addition to Dosbarth Tryfan. His name is Cookie and he is a Russian Dwarf Hamster. We are thoroughly enjoying caring for him on a daily basis. 



Tymor 2018/19

Church Visit


Boat Week


Children in Need


The 1 Steve

The Beach

Starry Night


Stained Glass Windows

Visit to The Orchard




Autumn Term Topic – Electric Rainbow

This Autumn Term we will be focusing on electricity and weather. We will be looking at safety, building circuits, forms of measuring the weather, renewable energy and many other fun and exciting projects! We will be focusing on Vincent Van Gogh this half term and some of his famous paintings during our Creative lessons. If you have any expertise in the areas above please feel free to come and see us! 


The Spring Term

Over the Spring term we turned our attention to “Superheroes!” Our learning focused on fictional and non-fictional superheroes. We have had lots of visitors from the community and visited lots of local landmarks and buildings.

We have also been looking at Weddings and the role of the church. We finished the Spring term with the mock Wedding of Uncle Allan and Auntie Cherie at Gloddaeth Church! We had an amazing time at the Wedding and covered lots of experiential learning opportunities when preparing for the big day itself!

The Summer term.

We have started our work on “Land Ahoy!” and “Yellow” for this Summer term. We have had lots of trips to the beach and have worked hard focusing on our literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. We have also had a block of swimming lessons and football sessions from Llandudno FC!

Have a look at some of the pictures below to see what we have been up to so far!


fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground