Croeso i Ddosbarth Tryfan

Welcome to Dosbarth Tryfan

Blwyddyn 2 / Year 2

Athro Dosbarth / Class Teacher – Mrs Gwenda Morgan

Cymhorthydd Dosbarth / Teaching Assistant – Mrs Einwen Caulfield a Mrs Becky James

2022 – 2023

Autumn Term

Big Question: If I was Dewi Draig, where would I live?

Our big question this term has a humanities focus and teaches children all about different habitats in Wales.

We will start with recognising the different habitats that are in our local area and finding out  which animals and plants live there.

The class will be focussing on a range of literacy skills starting with stories with familiar settings. We will then be    learning to label, write lists and instructions on how to make a new habitat for wildlife in the school grounds

Spring Term

Big Question: If I went on holiday to Llandudno, what would I see and do?

Our Big Question this term is about our area, the land marks in our area and the history of our area.

We will start by discussing what we know about Llandudno, what we do on days out and places that we would like to find out about.

The class will be focussing on a range of humanities and literacy skills. We will begin by labelling a map of Llandudno, finding our route to school, discussing population changes and how Llandudno has changed and is changing overtime.


We were also very lucky this year to have Chris and Angharad join us from the Lead Creative Schools Wales. We have a summary of all our sessions on Twitter. here are some extra pictures!

Summer Term


Cluster Project – Eurovision – France

This term Dosbarth Tryfan and the rest of the school are studying the country of France for the first couple of weeks. We are focussing on Expressive Arts.



Big Question: How does the environment impact our lives?

After finishing our Eurovision Cluster Project, Dosbarth Tryfan are looking at the environment, focussing on the weather and how it changes and shapes our local area and our world. We will be touching on a lot of Science and Technology strands of the curriculum in this term.


fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground