Croeso i dosbarth Elidir

Welcome to dosbarth Elidir

Athrawes dosbarth | Class teacher – Mr Gareth Lloyd

Cymhorthydd dosbarth | Classroom assistant – Mrs Danielle Jones

2022 -2023

Summer Term:

Our big question:

How does our environment impact on our lives?

Our big question this term has a Science and Technology focus, we will be looking at concepts and how this impacts on our life long learning opportunities. Our activities will have some very interesting and surprising elements!

We will also be looking at developing our literacy skills through our stimulus of ‘Matilda’, looking at what skills Roald Dahl used, what experiences we have had and how this impacts on our lives.

Healthy bodies and healthy minds!

We thoroughly enjoy exploring how we use space, develop our coordination and teamwork. 

Eurovision 2023 Cluster Project – France!

Our school have been selected to focus on France and explore its culture. Each of our Progression Steps have taken a collective element on French Culture. In our class we explored a stimulus and what we know about France. Our friends considered the focus of Garden of Versailles and what we notice.

Spring Term:

Our big question:

How do we grow?

Our big question this term has an Expressive Arts focus and will develop a deeper understanding of the skills, culture and history to artwork. We will be using a range of materials and resources including creating our own digital artwork.

We will also be looking at a range of literacy through poems, descriptive language and creative writing about ourselves through English and Welsh.

This term we have also visited Glan Llyn developing our confidence, teamwork and love of outdoors!


Healthy bodies and healthy minds!

We thoroughly enjoy exploring how we use space, develop our coordination and teamwork. 


Autumn Term:

Our big question:

If I were a bird what would I see and where would I go?

Our big question this term has a humanities focus and will support our children to consider what is in our local area, the needs of wildlife and what we can do to support its development.

The class will be focusing on a range of literacy skills through reading factual text and recording information. Pupils will also be developing their investigative skills by researching birds native to Wales, nationally and how they migrate. 

Our Well-Being day takes place on a Thursday. We develop life skills and teamwork, visiting our local area and exercising! Our learners enjoy taking part in ‘Choose Creativity’ to develop positive views of themselves. We have enjoyed exploring ball skills this half term using different sized equipment and following different rules to the games.

We have also ‘Taken Notice’ at the beach and had a go at meditation, using our breathing and quiet. Our class returned with well-being rocks later that week. 


Tymor 2019-2020
Pumpkin Soup

At harvest time we were very lucky to be able to harvest our school grown pumpkins. We picked the pumpkins, found out how much they weighed and had lots of discussion about size and the colour. We then set about to make pumpkin soup! Delicious!

TASC – Mars Mission Madness

As part of the 50th Annisversary of the first Moon Landings we set out to find and create the best way to transport an egg. The children had to work in a team, find out about different lunar buggies and then plan and design their own lunar lander. They looked at different materials and chose what they thought would work well. The egg was carefully transported in their design and dropped from a height. If they were successful then their egg would stay in one piece. If not, scrambled egg!



The class have been looking at the features of information leaflets and came up with their own success criteria. They then went on to research the history of the Titanic and presented their findings in a leaflet created using Purple Mash.

Journeys – West Shore Beach Walk 

Our topic this term is all about Journeys. We planned activities around the children’s ideas and started off the topic with a walk to the beach at West Shore. Along the way we looked at man made and natural features and back at school we mapped the walk making sure to include the differnt features we encountered.



fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground