Croeso i dosbarth Elidir

Welcome to dosbarth Elidir

Athrawes dosbarth | Class teacher – Mrs Gwenda Morgan

Cymhorthydd dosbarth | Classroom assistant – Miss Gwyneth Owen

2021 -2022

Our BIG Question this term is:

If I were a book what would be my title?



Tymor 2019-2020
Pumpkin Soup

At harvest time we were very lucky to be able to harvest our school grown pumpkins. We picked the pumpkins, found out how much they weighed and had lots of discussion about size and the colour. We then set about to make pumpkin soup! Delicious!

TASC – Mars Mission Madness

As part of the 50th Annisversary of the first Moon Landings we set out to find and create the best way to transport an egg. The children had to work in a team, find out about different lunar buggies and then plan and design their own lunar lander. They looked at different materials and chose what they thought would work well. The egg was carefully transported in their design and dropped from a height. If they were successful then their egg would stay in one piece. If not, scrambled egg!



The class have been looking at the features of information leaflets and came up with their own success criteria. They then went on to research the history of the Titanic and presented their findings in a leaflet created using Purple Mash.

Journeys – West Shore Beach Walk 

Our topic this term is all about Journeys. We planned activities around the children’s ideas and started off the topic with a walk to the beach at West Shore. Along the way we looked at man made and natural features and back at school we mapped the walk making sure to include the differnt features we encountered.



Tymor 2018/19

Food Glorious Food!

Our Autumn term topic is all about food. We started off our work by visiting Asda. We saw lots of different kinds of fruit, some that were familiar and others that were very strange!

We then tasted the different fruits and found which fruit was the most popular in the class. We collected data, used a tally chart and created a graph to show our results.


Before the Summer holidays Mrs Morgan planted potatoes and by October they were ready to be harvested. There was a lot of excitement when we discovered lots of potatoes hidden in the soil! 


What did we do after harvesting the potatoes?

  • we washed and weighed the potatoes 
  • we made a delicious potato salad
  • we used a lot of different numeracy skills- measures -weight, number-counting, 
  • we also followed instructions and found some interesting facts about the potato!

Welsh Cakes


We have some budding bakers in Dosbarth Elidir. We followed a recipe and instructions to make Welsh Cakes. We then wrote our own set of instructions and made sure we followed the correct sequence.



 Where does our fruit come from?


We looked carefully at the labels on the different fruits we bought from Asda. We found lots of different countries and used an atlas and a globe to locate them. We found out that kiwis are grown in New Zealand and that pineapples are grown in Costa Rica. I wonder how far away that is?


Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in our foods?

We scanned the bar codes of different types of food using the change 4 life food scanner.



Boat Week


Boat Week was a special week where we planned our activities around the theme of a boat. We walked to West Shore beach and created some amazing beach art. We also learnt about Grace Darling and her bravery and found some interesting facts about the Titanic. We will be carrying on with the boat project throughout the year.




The Big Dip


Our Summer topic is all about different habitats.We went to RSPB Conwy and discovered lots of different creatures in the pond and went on a minibeast hunt.


We’ve also looked at the beach at West Shore and found different creatures living there.


Monet’s Waterlilies



Glan llyn


Our Spring term started with a trip to Glan llyn with Year 4. We had lots of fun and had many new experiences!



Children of the Revolution


Our Spring topic is all about life in the Victorian times. We started this topic with a visit to Bodelwyddan Castle where we learnt how life was for children at that time. There was lots to do and we even got the chance to dress up in Victorian clothes.



Life was very different for children in the Victorian times. We researched the topic and used Comic Life to create a poster.



What was school like in the Victorian times? We learnt about the Welsh Not and writing on a slate when we visited the Conwy Archives in Lloyd Street.



William Morris


William Morris was a very famous Victorian artist and created beautiful pictures. We  looked at his work and created our own motifs to make a wallpaper. We used a printing technique and special inks to make our own designs. We also created a wallpaper pattern using Purple Mash on the computer.


Travel Agents


Our topic for the Autumn term is Travel Agents where we will be learning about different tourist attractions and identifying natural and man made features around the West Shore beach.



We  learnt about space and the planets when we went to Spaceport. We also had a trip on the Mersey Ferry.




Castles and Dragons was our theme in the Summer term. We learnt about knights and what they wore. Their amour must be very heavy! We also learnt about stories and myths from Wales.
 We had a great day exploring Conwy Castle.
 The pupils also researched what life was like in medieval times.
During the summer term the pupils planted potatoes from the Potatoes for Schools scheme. A lot of numeracy skills were developed as well as cooking and tasting the produce when the potatoes were harvested.
We have had a very busy spring term in Dosbarth Elidir. Our theme at the beginning of the year was Sensoria, a science based topic, where the pupils have been learning about light and sound.
To start our topic we invited Mr Steve Boothby from Conwy’s Visual and Hearing Impaired Service, to talk about Louis Braille. We had a go at using a braille machine as well as trying to write our names in braille.
We have also looked at different light sources and explored shadows inside and outside of the classroom.
The pupils worked in groups to create a shadow puppet show. Can you guess who the characters are?
In our creative sessions the class experimented with colour, light and shade and created some wonderful palettes of colour. 
Do you know how noisy or quiet we are in school? The class investigated the noise levels using LogIT machines. We also recorded the levels of light in different areas of the school and created a graph to show the results.
After learning how to use the LogIT machines we then went on to plan an investigation into which materials would make the best curtains.
In January Year 3 and 4 also went on a residential trip to Glan Llyn. Both staff and pupils had an amazing time rock climbing, canoeing on Llyn Tegid, walking the high ropes course and orienteering around the grounds.


fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground