Croeso i Ddosbarth Glyder
Welcome to Dosbarth Glyder

Blwyddyn 5 / Year 5

Athro Dosbarth / Class Teacher – Miss Paige Tilbury

Cymhorthydd Dosbarth / Teaching Assistant – Miss Gwyn Owen

2022 – 2023

Our Big Question:

If we don’t make changes, what will wales and the wider world look like?

Our big question this term has a humanities focus and teaches children all about changing places.
The learners will be focusing on a range of literacy genres throughout this big question such as persuasive writing and newspaper articles.

Pupils will also be developing their investigative skills by investigating climate change and clean water.

Our Well-Being day will take place on a Thursday.



Tymor yr Hydref 2020/21
Autumn Term 2020/21

Mission to Mars! 

It was brilliant to welcome the children back to school after an extraordinary 6 months.     

Our topic for the Autumn term is Mission to Mars, where we are looking for some cosmic inspiration.   


Looking to the stars has helped us to create some (inter)stellar written work this term.  

Firstly, to help us understand terms to do with Space, we created a glossary.   We have also been learning about reference texts, and written our own ‘Fast Fact’ boxes about the Solar System.   

After this, we decided to become ‘Planet Experts’, and pick a planet of our Solar System to produce a reference text about.    


Now, we are looking at types of recount using ‘UFO Diary’ by Satoshi Kitamura and ‘UFOs and Aliens’ by Paul Mason,  and beginning to create our own UFO hoax – just don’t tell the other classes as we’re going to try to fool them with our stories!  

We have also used our oracy skills to persuade others to ‘Vote4Me’, in order to get elected to one of eight roles representing our class within the school.  


We have rocketed through our Maths topics this term, covering Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Statistics and Multiplication and Division.  

Mission to Mars

Our topic this term has given us the opportunity to study the Solar System and beyond. 

We have investigated the impact of asteroids, and replicated the massive scale of the solar system. 

We have also sorted planets according to their characteristics in Welsh, and created a comic book to show the phases of the Moon. 

In addition, we have studied the surface of Mars using Google Mars, appreciated Holst’s ‘The Planets’ and composed our own song about the planets using Song Creator on Chrome Music Lab.  

Iechyd a Lles
Health and Wellbeing

Looking after our wellbeing is a top priority in our school.  Since we have started term, we have focused on the importance of displaying a Growth Mindset when it comes to learning, and treasuring our mistakes.  

We have been playing tag games to keep us fit, and taken part in national events such as Children in Need, Anti- Bullying week and Christmas Jumper day.  We have also received a welcome visit from PC Roscoe to discuss Anti-Social behaviour.  

The Christmas run-in saw us produce and record Alice in Wonderland, share Christmas dinner together and enjoy class time making crafts and playing games.  

Tymor 2018/19 Term

Athrawes Ddosbarth / Class Teacher – Mrs Lucy Catherall

Our day normally starts with Mathematics and Literacy in the morning and Science and Topic work in the afternoons along with Cymraeg and Physical Literacy.

Our topic this term is ‘Plastic Fantastic’ which has a Science and Geography focus and explores the current issue of plastic pollution.
Pupils have been writing formal letters to our Environment Minister for Wales, investigating the effect of plastic pollution on rivers in Wales and coming up with ideas for re-using plastic water bottles!

Cluster Science Project – Ysgol John Bright Science Fair

Some of us took our rafts, lava lamps and water filters to Ysgol John Bright to showcase our work along with the other schools in our cluster.


Cluster Science Project – Liquid Experiments

Keeping with the plastic bottle theme we carried out some experiments. We made lava lamps using food colouring, water and oil. We also made a water filter using sand, gravel and stones.


Cluster Science Project – Plastic Bottle Rafts

We have been working with our cluster schools on a ‘Plastic Bottle Project.’ We came up with lots of ideas on how to reuse plastic bottles and the best idea we came up with was to build rafts out of them!

We worked in teams and competed against eachother to see who could build the strongest raft. We designed and built our rafts and tested them by putting them in water and placing weights on them until they capsized – this was a lot of fun!

Then we recorded the results in a table, created a line graph and came to a conclusion.


Beach Clean Up – West Shore Beach

Year 5 recently did their bit to reduce plastic pollution! We took part in a beach clean up on West Shore beach with the help of PCSO Pam Hayers and PCSO Mike Smith.

Oriel Mon

We visited Oriel Mon in Llangefni and enjoyed looking at and appreciating the work of the late Sir Kyffin Williams.


Plastic Bag Investigation

In Year 5 we enjoy carrying out lots of fun Science investigations! Here we investigated which plastic carrier bag was the strongest by seeing how much weight they could uphold before breaking!

Groundwork Workshop

The team from Groundwork North Wales visited Year 5 and we learned about waste and plastic pollution. We had to find ways of clearing up the plastic pieces from the polluted water!

Cycle Proficiency

Some of the class have been taking part in weekly cycle proficiency lessons, learning how to keep safe when cycling out on the roads.

fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground