School information

It is important that a child is happy at school. You are always welcome to come and discuss any aspect of your child’s education with the Headteacher or a member of staff. However, as staff have a full time teaching commitment, you will appreciate that it is difficult for teachers to see parents during the day. Nevertheless staff are available most days after school but we would ask that you make every effort to make prior arrangements to see them. The Headteacher will whenever possible, attempt to meet parents to discuss any concerns.

School Hours


Afternoon Group 1.00 – 3.00

Foundation Phase

Morning session 9.00 – 12.00
Lunch 12.00 – 1.00
Afternoon session 1.00 – 3.00


In the interest of children’s safety, pupils must not arrive at school before 8.50am, as adequate supervision is not available.
School is open from 8.50am for pupils to go onto the playground.
Pupils arriving late must enter through the main door and their name will be entered into the ‘late book’ which will be checked on a regular basis for persistent late comers.

End of the school day

Pupils in Foundation Phase classes should be met from school.
If there are any changes from the normal routine, we ask that the class teacher be informed beforehand to avoid confusion.
No child will be released to anyone other than the parent/carer or person appointed by the parent.
It is very important that pupils are picked up on time at the end of the school day.


Morning session 9.00 – 12.00
Lunch 12.00 – 1.00
Afternoon session 1.00 – 3.30


Office hours

8.30 – 4.00pm Monday – Friday



It is very important that your child attends school punctually and regularly. In the event of the child being persistently late or absent withno reasonable explanation, our
Educational Social Worker (ESW) will be informed. Absences of pupils for which no valid explanation has been provided will be treated as unauthorised. Birthdays, looking after other children, shopping trips within school hours or visiting relatives will not be acceptable reasons for absences.


If your child is absent from school please inform the school by telephone in the first instance. A note will be required explaining the reason for absence on the child’s return. A member of the school office staff may call you on the first day of absence to enquire as to a reason for absence. For permission to leave school premises during the school day, e.g. to attend an appointment, it is essential that a letter is sent to the class teacher or a phone call made to the school.

Returning to school after illness

Children returning to school after illness should clearly be fit to do so and free from infection. If in doubt the school is happy to advise.

Holiday Requests

No authorisation will be given for holidays taken during term time. However the Headteacher has discretionary powers to grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.

First Aid

Simple first aid is given at school when necessary. If an accident requires hospital attention we will make every effort to contact parents/carers first. Please ensure information from you is up-to-date so that you can be contacted. Mrs Gwenda Morgan is our First Aider, however several members of staff have a 1-day First Aid at Work certificate.


The primary contact with school is through the School Nurse. Pupils entering the school for the first time will be given information outlining the full scope and involvement of the School Health Service. Your child will not be examined by a Doctor without your permission, except in a medical emergency. All health interviews are in strict confidence and your
consent will be sought before discussing any issues with the school teaching staff. Teaching staff need to be aware of any medical condition that may affect his/her progress in the


If your child needs medication during the day, you need to be available to administer it. Teachers and first-aiders are advised not to administer any medication to a child. Children who need prescription medication, such as insulin or an Epi-pen should contact the school and a medical plan will be drawn up.

Sun Protection

During warm summer months all children should have a named sun hat in school which they will be encouraged to wear when playing outside.
School staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children. We ask you apply sunscreen before school in sunny weather.
Children may re apply their own sun cream which must be provided in a clearly named tube or bottle.

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