Welcome to Dosbarth Siabod a Dosbarth Lliwedd

Class Teacher – Mrs Clare Roberts & Mrs Emily Jones

Classroom Assistants –  Mrs Samantha Colville, Miss Clare Colville, Mr Cian Pierce, Mrs Andrea Seanor. Mr Dylan Roberts and Miss Kiera Macleod

2022 – 2023

We are a resource base for KS2 pupils from across Conwy. Pupils who are diagnosed with Autism and need support and guidance to be able to learn within the mainstream curriculum. Within the resource base we use a great deal of specific ASD strategies in order to help the pupils within the classroom.

Our BIG Question this term:





Our BIG Question this term is:

Where does our food come from?

During the last term our topic was ‘Me and my community’. The children discussed what they would like to learn about and where they would like to find out about! Firstly, we focused on the children themselves; we talked, drew and wrote about what a good day looked like, role played class rules and friendships. We explored our aspirations for life and decided on our dream jobs because our future’s so bright! We learned about how to look after our bodies through diet and exercise, exploring how the heart works in our bodies and why we need to look after it. We loved investigating and sorting foods into healthy or unhealthy and even designed our own healthy, balanced meal!

We also explored our community, designed ways in which we could improve it and even tasted traditional Welsh food. We explored our school community by going on sensory walks, designing improvements for our play area and planting and caring for our own flowers. Unfortunately, due to restrictions we couldn’t visit as many places we would have liked. But instead, we used our digital skills to research our local area of Llandudno, finding out where it was in Wales as well as fun facts.


This Autumn term, we have been learning all about place value in Maths. We worked in and out of the classroom learning how to partition numbers, order and compare from 1 digit to 5 digit numbers! We practised reading and writing numbers and recognising odd and even numbers. We practised doubling and halving and also looked at different ways of adding and subtracting, from mental methods to the column method! We also practised and revised our Maths skills through games and boardgames.


This term in Literacy we have looked at several books; The dot, I’ll take you to Mrs Cole and David Walliams wonderful book ‘Slime!’ We listened to stories that were based in familar places.

In ‘The Dot’ we heard all about Vashti’s struggles to create her own art piece, but when she just made one dot and one person believed in her, she was able to create a whole gallery of art work! We used this book to get us started in literacy; we talked about feelings and emotions, made our pictures of the dot and described them, thought about times we have struggled in class and just like Vashti over came them!

In ‘Slime’ we read all about David Walliams fantastical Community in the ‘Isle of Mulch’.  Working together we became familiar with the different people in the community.  We used it to improve our writing, focusing on WOW words and adjectives.  We designed and made our own slime in class, exploring its texture and temperature. We also made predictions, shared our opinions and improved our listening skills.  


Next term, our topic will be ‘Planet Earth and beyond!’ as well as continuing with our numeracy and literacy work. We will also be learning as much as we can outside as the weather improves.

fford dyffryn school with mountains in the background and a playground in the foreground