Additional Learning Needs
The school has a support structure for children identified as having Additional Learning Needs, including exceptionally able children.

Our school Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNco) provides support and guidance to teachers and parents within our school. Progress is monitored through regular review meetings when learning programmes and consideration of the need for additional support takes place.

Parents are kept fully informed at all stages and are encouraged to visit school to discuss the progress of their child.

A full copy of our Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion policy is available upon request.

Pupils with Disabilities
At Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn all pupils are treated as individuals as no pupil will be treated more or less favourably than their peers.

In addressing the requirements of the DDA act 1995 our accessibility plan clearly outlines the progress made in allowing all pupils full access to all areas of the school and curriculum – including new ramps and rails that have been fitted.

The school will admit all pupils whose educational needs can be met from the resources provided to it and whose admission will not significantly detract from the needs of other pupils.

Where children have a statement of ALN maintained on them, their admission must be negotiated via the LEA’s Statementing Office.

Admission arrangements for other pupils with ALN including those who have impairments are set out in the school’s ALN policy.

Equal Opportunities
The Governing body, teachers and school community operates a policy of equal opportunities, anti sexism and anti-racism. Our curriculum provides the framework within which pupils experience a variety of relevant and appropriate strategies, which ensure equality of opportunity regardless of sex, race, religion, class or disability. (Section 4 of the school Government term of return regulation 2000).

Discipline and Pastoral Care
This school in partnership with parents encourages self-esteem and an acceptance of responsibility for the pupil’s own actions. Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn is a place which cares and fosters an ethos of mutual respect for people and property. Great emphasis is placed on consideration, courtesy and good manners. Misbehaviour results in loss of privileges, loss of freedom at playtime or dinnertime, or referral to the Headteacher. Where there is serious concern over a child’s behaviour in school, parents will be contacted immediately, concerning any appropriate disciplinary action that may have to be taken. The school has an anti-bullying policy, which states that ’this school does not tolerate bullying’. We rely on pupils, staff and parents to work together to ensure that bullying is stopped in its earliest stages.

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